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About Doctor Ly Kosal

Overview of Doctor Ly Kosal

Dr. Ly Kosal is a general practitioner and a specialist in STD who is working in emergency service in Siem Reap Provincial hospital and in his own clinic. Graduated with a MBBS degree from the university since 1994, Dr. Ly Kosal has over 18 years of work experience and a holder of numerous medical certificates. He is also an on-call doctor in various types of accommodation in Siem Reap, ranging from high-rated hotel to guest houses and apartments. He can speak French and English fluently. He is able to provide medical report and various medical documents in both languages as well.

Charging fee

For day-time services:

Consultation and medical examination: US$ 50

For night-time services:

Consultation and medical examination: US$ 70

Please note that all these fees exclude the cost of medicine and various types of treatments. As different illnesses are treated differently, the cost of treatment is varied according to the patient’s conditions and treatments. 

If the patient stays in Siem Reap more than 3 days, Clinic Dr. Ly Kosal can claim the medical treatment fee from patient’s insurance company directly. In case the patient stays in less than 3 days, patients are asked to pay the medical treatment bill themselves, but the doctor provides all the required documents to the patients to claim their money back from their insurances. In case the patients need to delay their flight or need a medical certificate from the doctor to take some days off from their job due to their illness condition, Clinic Dr. Ly Kosal can also provide the medical certificate in either English or French.